Phase 1 – Evaluation

During Phase 1 of any roofing project, we inspect your roofing system and make recommendations based on a thorough evaluation of your specific roofing needs. Whether the roof needs a replacement due to natural roof aging process, storm-related damages, minor repairs, or routine maintenance, we provide our honest assessment of the problem and discuss solutions to achieve specific outcome.

  • Consultation, Fact Gathering
  • Problem Identification
  • Recommendations and Budgeting

Phase 2 – Implementation

During Phase 2, we answer all your questions, review the entire process step by step, and take care of all permitting requirements. Knowing exactly what to expect makes the entire process more pleasant for you, your neighbors, and the contractors.

Next, we perform the work to specification. Our roofing projects are usually completed within 2-3 days and are done to the highest quality standards of workmanship. At the end of the project, we walk through what we’ve done to ensure your full satisfaction.

  • Contract Review/Acceptance
  • Customized Project Specifications
  • Permitting
  • Installation
  • Walk Through

Phase 3 – Project Closeout

Upon project completion, we will schedule all required inspections necessary to finalize the permit. Upon the receipt of the full payment, we will provide you with a Contractor’s Affidavit/Release of Lien that proves that all materials, labor, and other expenses directly related to your new roof installation are paid for; therefore no-one can place a claim against your property. Warranty Information, and a Customer Satisfaction Survey are also provided.

  • Final Inspection
  • Final Invoice and Contractor’s Affidavit
  • Warranty Registration
  • Schedule Inspections and Roof Maintenance Available Upon Request

Roofing Install “What to Expects”

Inside Your Home:

  • Expect a lot of noise. If you have pets, the noise may affect their normal behavior.  If this concerns you, consult your Veterinarian regarding advice on how to minimize your pet’s stress levels.
  • Fragile pictures or mirrors hanging on the walls may move or fall. Although this does not happen often, you should take necessary precautions to protect your belongings.
  • Some roof debris may fall into your attic during installation, so it’s a good idea to protect any valuables you have stored there.


Outside Your Home:

It is important to us that you and your personal property are protected while we work and so we ask you to:

  • Remember not to leave your children or pets unattended during the entire course of the project.
  • Use extreme caution in or around the job site area. This will help prevent injuries that may be caused by falling debris or materials on the ground.
  • Expect workers to start early in the morning and finish late.
  • Your driveway will be blocked for the entire duration of the project. Please refrain from parking your vehicles in the garage or in the driveway. Park them a reasonable distance away from the roof to leave space in front of your house for our company vehicle use during the course of the project as tools, supplies, etc. are constantly carried from and to the vehicles. Traffic will increase due to supplies being delivered, workers arriving and leaving the site, and dump trailers removing debris, etc.
  • Roofing debris will fall around the house. Protect your outdoor belongings, such as, furniture, garden and landscaping décor, boats, cars, etc. ahead of time. If possible, move valuable outdoor items away from the roof area.  If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • A/C unit will be covered to prevent damages. The system has to be shut off for the time the A/C is covered.
  • If you have an irrigation/sprinkler system: Please clearly mark the sprinkler heads.
  • If you have a satellite dish: We will detach and reset the dish. For the best signal, contact your provider for calibration.
  • If you have a pool: We do our best to prevent debris from falling in; however, a small amount of debris might land in the pool. If you have your pool cleaned professionally, schedule the cleaning after the job completion.
  • Please mow your lawn before the project. Our cleanup equipment can better detect any metal debris when the grass is cut low.