Storm roof damage: Hail

Suspect storm damages to your roof?

In Florida, hail and strong winds happen!

If you suspect storm damages to your roof – NO MATTER THE ROOF AGE – call us to set up your FREE roof inspection for storm-related issues to see if you qualify for a new roof replacement under your homeowner’s insurance storm-related coverage. Damages are not always obvious; we do this every day and know what to look for!

Roof emergencies don’t happen on schedule– therefore it’s good to have a trusted professional’s contact information on hand. Save ours in your contact list: (904) 859-3539 or

Taking Florida By Storm

With 15 years experience in the roofing industry, Bohemia Roofing is your local storm restoration expert. We are advanced in locating various roof damages resulting from storms that may not be as obvious as missing shingles for example. If after our roof inspection it is determined the damages were caused by a storm related event we will work with you and your insurance company to mitigate the losses, obtaining insurance company’s good faith approval for the funds needed for your roof restoration and provide superior roof installation.


  1. Schedule your FREE roof inspection.
  2. If storm damages are located, you qualify to file a claim with your insurance company. NO MATTER THE ROOF AGE!
  3. Once the claim is filed, the insurance adjuster and Bohemia Roofing professional complete the onsite inspection. We offer technical advice and answer questions as needed.
  4. Upon claim’s approval, we provide professional roof installation in timely fashion. No subcontractors used.
  5. Your deductible amount should be your only out-of-pocket expense.
Roof shingle with storm damage

Experience Counts

Our extensive knowledge and field experience sets us apart and guarantees the best possible result. We are trained and will accurately assess and recommend the best course of action for your roof.

Hassle-Free Service

Bohemia Roofing takes the hassle out of choosing a contractor, by offering professional insurance claims assistance as well as superior installation. We arrange complete service from A-Z. Give us a call or fill our the form on this page & let’s see if you qualify for a new roof replacement.

From Another Satisfied Customer

“Professional from start to finish. I have worked in construction most of my life so I’m very critical of contractors whom I hire for things I won’t do myself. I had several roofers provide an estimate for my re-roof, the quotes where all in the ballpark. But Bohemia’s owner, Paval, said he would be done in one day which the others did not. This addressed one of my biggest concerns, being stuck with blue tarps on an exposed house if it decided to pour down rain. I have a 2000 sq. foot 12/7 pitch hip roof with multiple peaks and valleys. As promised, a small army of a crew showed up on D-Day, I stayed the entire day and observed a crew consisting of skilled roofers and ground crew make my roof look fantastic. They did not attempt to cut any corners and actually made some minor modifications to improve a couple of problem areas without my input. Demo and prep before lunch, Inspection after lunch, roof done by dinner. Thank you Paval and Bohemia staff for proving that quality and promises still matter. Don’t hire anyone else, period.”
– Yelp Review by Richard F.