A quality, well-built roofing system is essential to protect your investment you have in your home and all of the things you care about and love in your life. Bohemia Roofing provides expert installation, maintenance, and repair on most types of roof systems.

Our specialty is work on large residential homes built after 1979 and steep-slope commercial roofing projects. Each project is different, each requires individual approach.

Our technicians will inspect your roofing system and make recommendations based on what we find—if full replacement is recommended or all that’s necessary is a minor repair or maintenance that’s what we’ll recommend, giving you our honest, expert opinion every time.

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Installation—the Most Important Part of the Job!

Why? The roof is a system comprised of many components, not just shingles. In addition to shingles, a roof includes the roof decking, water proofing underlayment, ventilation, all the flashing details—the list goes on.

All of the components of the system add up to a roof. If you neglect one, your new roof is doomed to fail—it doesn’t matter what brand of shingle you choose.

As we mentioned above Every roof is different and requires an individual approach. The decision to install a new roof is one you’ll rarely make. We take your decision to put your trust in Bohemia Roofing very seriously. We’re responsible for thousands of the roofs you’ve seen in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island and parts of Clay County. Our quality roof craftsmanship has become part of the history and landscape of the community.


Choose the Best Contractor for the Job

Lots of contractors have the know-how to do a job, but what about heart? Yes, heart. It takes the utmost care the desire to want to install a good roof. Roofing is hard work and it’s easy to fall into an attitude that takes the faster and easier route. Faster and easier seldom ever equal best. At the end of the day, you need a roofing contractor that cares about you and your roof.


A Good Contractor Will Help You Choose Your Materials

Over the past 14 years, we at Bohemia Roofing have become certified installers of different roofing products. We offer our experience to our customers to help chose the right materials to get what you want.